Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Broward Health For Sale?


    Word persists that Florida Gov. Rick Scott has posted a For Sale sign on the North Broward Hospital District (dba Broward Health).
     Which may explain* how and why the Governor removed two longtime Commissioners for the District's governing board Chair David Di Pietro and Audit Committee Chair Darryl Wright. (*In tossing the two Commissioners, the Governor offered no reason.)        
      This leaves five Commissioners appointed by Scott and thus serve as The Rickster's rubber stamp policy puppets responsible for one of the nation's ten largest public health systems.
      The Governor's five Commissioner minions
      Christoper Ure, 2770 Stirrup Lane, Weston
                                954 349 2640
      Shella VaHoose, 1631 NE 28 Ave., Pompano  Beach 
                                  954 438 8066
      Maureen Canada, 2521 NE 31st Court, Lighthouse Point                                    954 946 6090
     Joe Gustafson, 100 S. Birch Rd., Fort Lauderdale
                               954 463 6900
     Rocky Rodriguez, 1700 NE 18 Street, Fort Lauderdale
                                   954 568 4822
     Naturally, given their role as key policy makers at the $1.9 billion, tax-supported public health system, the Commissioners should welcome input from residents living in North Broward, current employes of the District and - of course - hospital patients.
     Or at least it's pretty to think so.  JKdeG

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