Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lawyers v Sunrshine

   The governing Board of Commissioners for the tax-funded $1.2 billion  North Broward Hospital District was scheduled to hold a public meeting Wednesday, 2/17/15) to address the District's current financial crisis (see following post).
  Didn't happen.
  However, acting as the District Commissioner's Audit Committee, a vote was taken to discuss the matter at next weeks Commission meeting on February 24 -- public notice, of which, has yet to be given.

   The feces in the punch bowl?
                                 Total District Budget
                      All $ per adjusted admissions

  Fiscal Year            2015                    2016            +-
   Admissions           59,245                58,917           0.6%
   Gross Charges     $30,001             $33,012        10.0%

   Total Revenue     $10,283                $9,695        (6.6%)
   Total Expense      ($9,766)          ($10,309)        5.6%

   Surplus (Loss)     $517                      ($610)   (218.0%)  
 Source - North Broward Hospital District - 
  dba Broward Health  
    Speaking before the District Commission's  Audit Committee yesterday meeting, local lawyer Mitch Berger warned the Commissioners"
    "You are the ones who have taken on the responsibility to run the hospital district!"

    Which is not what the Committee wanted to hear.
    The five member Committee voted unanimously to recommend the District hire Berger's law firm at a fee yet to be determined -- which will add to the district's estimated $6.7 million in legal  costs for the current fiscal year.

    Which prompted one Commissioner to observe:
    "I think we (the District) have every majo's current  law firm in Broward County working for us now!"
     What's got the Commissioners' shorts so twisted they decided to hire yet another lawyer?
      Quite simply and shamelessly:
      How can the District's Board of Commssioners avoid any  Sunshine Law scrutiny - or accountability -- regarding the giant health care system's current budget $35.9 million deficit?
      Stay tuned.
       And as for the Districvt Commissioners'  upcoming public meeting next Wednesday afternoon?
       I'll be there with plenty of free vomit bags.

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