Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Broward Health - Sick?

But when hospitals
are "critical"...?
North Broward Hospital District
(dba Broward Health)

  FY                                               2015                 2016*
Adjusted Admissions             118,490           117,834
   Per adjusted admission:
Revenue                       $33,001           $33,012
   Net Operating Revenue        $8,960            $8,613  
   Non Operating Revenue      $1,380              $1,081
   Total Revenue                        $10,340           $9,694
   Total Expenses                       $9,823             $10,304
   Surplus (Loss)                        $517                ($610)     
                                                        *Six Months -Annualized*
                      Source - North Broward Hospital District

    Created more than 70 years ag0 by the Florida Legislature as a special taxing District, the North Broward Hospital District is governed by seven Commissioners appointed by Florida's Governor.
    With a current annual budget of more than $1.2 billion, the District today is the ninth largest public hospital system in the nation.
    By current statute, the District's governing Commissioners represent no one -- and are accountable to no one.
    Further, while the Commissioners' monthly meetings allocate three minutes for local citizens to appear before the Commissioners, the District's governing body is not required to respond to any questions, thoughts or needs expressed by a local District taxpayer.
   Nor has the local news media provided routine coverage of the District during the past several years.
   So much for any meaningful accountability!
   Finally, a special Citizens Commission on Florida's Tax Supported Hospitals appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott several years ago issued a report critical of the lack of transparency and accountability on the part of the hospitals -- which generated no meaningful response from the Governor, the State Legislature, the news media  or the state's tax-supported hospitals themselves.
                                                                                       John deGroot

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