Friday, April 1, 2016

Where's the Grand Jury?

   So the Plan had some "issues" withFederal anti-trust Stark Laws.
   Which resulted in the North Broward Hospital District paying a penalty of nearly $70 million earlier this year.
 Like so many other schemes, the Plan seemed like a good idea at the time.
    Here's how it was supposed to work:
    1.  The tax-funded Hospital District would hire a a bunch of Docs to hondle visits to their offices scattered throughout northern Broward county. .
     2. Unlike the District's four hospitals, the hired Docs would market their services to paying patients - rather than those lacking insurance.
     3. Which would increase the percentage of the District hospitals' paying inpatients.

     So, as the cliche goes...
     Hows that worked out?
     Well, for Starters, the District's hired physician program has been a major money looser from the get-go.
     But, big picture-wise, it gets way, way worse!

                          District Employed Physicians
            Fiscal Years         2010                  2016
            Total Visits            227,910             378,220

            Total Employees   218                    403
            Compensation      $35,949,829       $58,973,561

            Per Employee       $164,907           $146,336
            Patient Revenue   $22,732,082

              Per Visit              $100
            Surplus  (Loss)     ($20,763,236)    ($33,332,241)
            (Loss) per Vist       ($91)                 ($88)

                               Four District Hospitals            
            Fiscal Years         2010                  2016 Budget                      Avg. Patient 
               Census              899                    874
               Admissions        107,786             109,637
            Total Employees   6,001                 6,057
            Compensation      $456,614,887     $491,945,660 

            Per Employee       $78,090             $81,219
            Total Revenue      $954,401,599     $1,773,723,103

               Per adj. admit    $8,855               $16,178
            Total Expenses    ($877,144,284)  ($1,738,528,718)
               Per adj. admit   ($8,137)            ($15,857)

            Surplus (Loss)      $77,257,315      $35,194,385
            Per Adjusted
                Admission         $717                 $32
      Oh yes.
      Like a proverbial Rube Goldberg machine, the District has a ton of mysterious parts.

      Which leads us to the "Bottom Line" trends for the entire district since FY 2010
      Total North Broward Hospital District                                                     FY 2010           FY 2016
            Surplus (Loss)    $76,866,424     ($59,203,478)*
Per Adjusted
               admission           $713                 ($748)    ! ! !                                      *First nine months of FY 2016 

                  So where's the Grand Jury?
          Source: North Broward Hospital District Budgets


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