Thursday, February 11, 2016

Who ARE these guys?

And WHY?
    Most newspapers, including the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, decimated their news-gathering staff in an effort to cut costs.
    This, of course, was the result result of the internet (IE Craig's List, etc) sucking the life-blood from the print media's local classified ad section -- long the source of obscene newspaper profit margins that made Wall Street drool when the likes the business went public a half century ago.
     The nasty secret no one in the  print game is willing to discuss -- along with the industry's still generous profit margins?
      Like local television news departments, community newspapers like the Sun-Sentinel are addicted toFaux News  (if it bleeds it leads) cheaply gathered from various law enforcement and other governmental agencies via phone, email, and FAX.
      But as for the skilled and labor-intensive business of gathering of news that matters...?
      Well, that's become the exclusive turf of print journalism's so-called "special projects" teams --usually charged with gathering "major awards" for the newspaper's masthead and trophy case.
       Oh yes.
       Best metaphor I know of print journalism today?
       The purchase of the Washington Post by Jeff Bezos, the mega-billlionaire founder of Amazon. Com.
       Sic transit Gloria whatever.
       Which brings us to the How and Why of  blogs like Dan Christensen's Florida Bulldog and Buddy Nevin's Broward Beat.
       Both of which answer to no one they're willing to identify.
       But as for any hidden agenda on the part of  the Bulldog or Beat?
Or the presence of silent partners pulling the strings? 
     Or hidden revenue streams?
       Dan and Buddy ain't talkin'.
       But neither did Charles Foster Kane.
       Full disclosure: As a 78-year-old geezer full-retired and well int0 my dotage, my various blogs are produced pro bono (which means I lack the balls to hustle anyone for money).  
      Note: My two blogs that generatg the most fun for me are and
      Stay tuned.
      Because any truth I tell will be mine alone.
    And as for my decade-long interest in the North Broward Hospital District dba Broward Health...?
       Well, let's just say there's a very bad ass pony buried under all the District's historic political and big money bullshit.
        Which is How and Why I wish Dan and Buddy God Speed in their current tippy-toe interest in the political and big money-infested minefield dba Broward Health.
         But as for Dan and Buddy asking Broward State Attorney Mike Satz about his interest in the goings-on at Broward Health?
         You'd think that given all their political savvy, Dan and Buddy would know State Attorney Satz has the backbone of a week-old boiled shrimp. (See      

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