Tuesday, September 15, 2015


What we have here is a failure to communicate!
                   Kim and Joe Davis of  Rowan County

    The American news media's fatal flaw is its historic failure to provide the public with ALL the facts citizens need to understand the meaning - including the significance -- of an event.
   Like context, for example.
   This is certainly the case in the matter of Kimberly Jean Davis, the embattled Kentucky County Clerk of Courts who has achieved international notoriety for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to couples of the same sex.
    Her reasoning?
    The same which justified the late Mother Teresa's care for the dying, the execution of Muslim's failing to follow the teaching of Mohamed as understood by ISIS, religious issues with deodorant on the part of orthodox Jews, and Baptism by total immersion in a local creek.
    Like the early Christian martyrs, Joan of Arc and the Abolitionist John Brown, Davis has been willing to accept the consequences of her belief that same sex sex is an abomination to God.
    However, unlike the French maid burned at the stake for her refusal to recant the instructions she received from Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margret in her father's backyard......
      Kim Davis was only willing to spend five days in the local slammer for refusing a judge's order to issue state marriage licenses in conflict with ancient Jewish law.
      Sadly, the global media did a piss pot poor job of providing the meaning and context of Saint Kim's mission from God.
        For example, context-wise: 
        The setting for the Martyrdom of  Saint Kim was  a fly-specked, redneck Kentucky shit hole of 23,000 mostly white souls.
         And that Saint Kim assumed her duties as Clerk when her mother retired after from the office after 24 years on the job.
         And that she  hired one of her twin sons as a deputy clerk. 
         And that Saint Kim's concern for the sanctity of marriage was based -- in no small part -- on her four previous marriages to three different men (which is how and why she married divorced  and then remaried her  current husband.)
         And that, under the laws of God, all of  Saint Kim's skirts skirts and dresses fall below her knees based on the tenets of external  holiness. 
         Credit is due her local Attorney Harry Mihet for his  attempt  to provide a degree of context to Kim's Mission from God.
        "Kim Davis remains the bravest woman in America," Minet says. "She has not compromised her conscience, she has not compromised her her faith, and she has not quit serving the  people of Rowan County that she loves very much."
        Which is religious rhetoric enough to ignite an explosion of creek-soaked Amens  and Hallelujahs.  
         Oh yes.
         Now, it seems the spiritual leader of  the Holy Roman Church has blessed the bizarre doings of this southern backwater Kook-for-Jesus.
Rowan County Faithful 

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