Thursday, August 20, 2015

From where I'm coming...

    Those familiar with the works of Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut will understand.
  While those with a Law Degree,  or believers in   Original Sin won't.
  Call it a simple matter of Yin and Yang.
  How so?

  Group A (my people) understands reality makes little sense.
  While Group B ("Normies") believes it does.
  Is reality "rational"?
  Because there's little logic in the behavior of sub atomic particles on one hand or transubstantiation on the other.
  Fact is, run on long enough and both end up lost in WooWoo Land.
 If you can intuit it. 
 And no.
 I'm not talking about
   Which is another egregious example of the of the rape of rationality.(Google it!)
    Time now to introduce a new Segment of our Blog:
                       Marriages From Hell
                   John McCain    Sarah Palin 

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